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We Strive to assist Real Estate Investors in successfully producing wealth and financial security through education and guidance in determining the best investment opportunities.
Our approach to success is to provide exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and the essential tools to establish a successful approach to the real estate investment strategy.

About GIG

Our goal at Global Investor Group is to help our members prosper abundantly in the development of their Real Estate Investment portfolio.  

This is accomplished through our monthly meetings which will provide education, brainstorming with like-minded individuals, and networking opportunities…to name a few of the benefits of membership.

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As a National Organization we have groups across the United States and we are growing quickly so more groups are being added constantly.
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​From the networking opportunities available through our Community Site to the Training Courses covering the 6 major disciplines of Real Estate Investing…we’ve got you covered. The endless educational opportunities will give you the tools you need to take your business to new heights.

“I started off with zero properties and found bigger pockets, as I got my next few properties under my belt I started looking elsewhere for content that fit my life as an engineer, dad and real estate investor. Gary hits a homerun specifically gearing great content for W2 and Entrepreneur style investors. Additionally, Gary took time to speak with me 1on1 and provided a bountiful set of tools and knowledge that I will cherish. Thanks for the great work Gary!

Adam Zach


What a great meeting. Thank you for your inspiration. The system you gave us to work is great. Kudos for the information and the training.. I am looking forward for a great year with your help.
Your Agent 4-Life…

Gregory Covington


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